Step 2 - Deposit $AVAX

This tutorial shows how to add funds to your Avalanche wallet and then buy / create / sell NFTs on Kalao

If you have purchased $AVAX and have them in your exchange’s wallet follow these instructions:

1. Select the right coin ($AVAX in this case) and click on the “Withdraw” button in your respective exchange.

2. Copy your Metamask address

3. Past your address to the desired location of the used exchange.

4. Select the right network depending on the wallet you use, in our case, select AVAX C-CHAIN network.

Notice that all chains and network are not supported by all wallet.

5. Select the amount of $AVAX you would like to withdraw from your exchange wallet to your Metamask wallet.

6. Click on “Confirm” and validate with the requested password to finalize the transaction.

You normally should see the associated $AVAX amount on your Metamask wallet after a few minutes.

Notice that there is a network fee.

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