Step 1 - Create Avalanche wallet

This tutorial presents how to create an Avalanche wallet to interact with the Avalanche X-chain and Kalao (the marketplace we use for our NFTs).

First of all, you have to click on Avalanche Wallet: Store Your Avalanche Assets ( which is the official link of Avalanche wallet website.

Then, you will have to choose “Create a new wallet

2. Then, you will generate a key phrase which is the most important part of this tutorial.

Registering these 24 words is the most important step when creating a wallet. Take your time and double check it.

Remember DO NOT share this to anyone and DO NOT save it as an image in your phone or PC.

3. Then, you have to confirm you safely wrote your key phrase and click on “Access Wallet”.

4. The next step is a security step, Avalanche checks if you have registered your Mnemonic Phrase. You must fill in all the blanks with the correct words (example below with number 9).​

5. Congratulations, you have now access to your Avalanche wallet clicking “Access Wallet”.

Anytime when accessing your wallet, this will be your first page. You will notice the X (exchange), C (contracts) and P (platform) letters on the top right corner. That’s the three chains which exist on Avalanche’s default subnet. Depending on the exchange you bought AVAX, you’ll need to send AVAX to this wallet via X-Chain or C-Chain address.

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