How to create an auction on Kalao

Once you logged into the Kalao Marketplace, follow those lines to make an Auction using C-Chain. Note that once the NFT is auctioned, you cannot cancel to get it back, you have to wait until the time is up.

1. Press “Sell” at the top right corner

2. Select “C-Chain” in order to sell using the X-Chain network.

3. “Auction” should be set as default, and then select which NFT you would like to sell by clicking on “+Add”.

4. Once added, select the “Duration” of your auction, your starting “Price” corresponding to the first minimum bid, the “Categorie” of your NFT and any useful additional information such as “Title” and “Description”.

5. Once clicked on “Sell”, a Metamask pop-up will appear in order to “Confirm” the transaction.

6. Once confirmed, your Auction NFT sale will appear in your Dashboard.

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