How to sell an NFT on Kalao (using X-Chain)

This tutorial presents how to sell an NFT on Kalao using the X-chain network and its avalanche wallet

Once you logged into the Kalao Marketplace using this tutorial "How to connect Metamask to my Kalao account", follow those lines to Sale an NFT using X-Chain.

1. Press “Sell” at the top right corner

2. Select “X-Chain” in order to sell using the X-Chain network.

3. You are now able to send your NFT to a dedicated X-chain address. Please take note that 0.001 AVAX fees must be sent at the same time to deploy the sales contract. Note that there is a timer before the transaction expired

Here is your X-chain deposit address. Copy it and send your NFT to this address.

4. Now follow instructions mentioned in the section “How to send an NFT within Avalanche Studio” in order to send an NFT. Note that you have to Send at least 0,001 $AVAX for the contract fees.

5. Once the NFT and the fee have been sent, edit the “Price” section, chose a “Category” and click on “Sell” to deploy the contract.

If you cannot, verify you have sent at least 0,001 AVAX for the contract deployment.

6. Once confirmed, your X-Chain NFT Sale will appear in your Dashboard, and the sale will be active and available from the Explore panel.

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