How to sell a NFT on Kalao

Once you logged into the Kalao Marketplace, follow those lines to make a Direct Sell using C-Chain.

1. Press “Sell” at the top right corner

2. Select “C-Chain” in order to sell using the C-Chain network.

3. Select “Direct Sale” in the list then select which NFT you would like to sell with “+Add”.

4. Once added, choose your $AVAX “Price”, select the “Categories” and add any other optional information as “Title” and “Description”. Once done, click on “Sell”. Note that by default, the title and description are the same as in the first mint.

5. Once clicked on “Sell”, a Metamask pop-up will appear in order to “Confirm” the transaction.

6. Once confirmed, your Direct NFT Sale will appear in your Dashboard.

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